Junot Diaz

“Guys we’re in the middle of an election campaign. Y’all notice that neither of our ‘oppressors in chief’, that neither of them have mentioned an artist? (…) In our culture, the thing with artists is that artists are just fundamentally attracted to the things that no one is trying to deal with. I mean that’s what art’s nature is, it immediately goes for a silence, you know, immediately goes for an absence.” (starting around 17:18)

This is part of how author Junot Diaz speaks about his new book “This Is How You Lose Her”, reflecting on the artist profile. Later, addressing the privileges of sex and race:

“I think that privilege requires an operational cluelessness (…) The consequences of operating in a world where you have privilege is you quickly begin to realize that the energy it takes for you not to notice what you’re doing begins to slowly eat at you (…) It takes a lot of effort to sit around and pretend that you’re not harming anyone.” (at 15:20 and 20:25)

For the full picture and a glimpse of his sense of humour (which doesn’t really translate in quotation), watch the full talk below. This is time you won’t regret spending.


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