The US gets its period and orange popsicles make everything better

Yes, they really do. Interview talks to Miranda July.

Miranda July skypes the audience at the Stockholm Film Festival.



I just realized I can’t pronounce the word “indecency” without the forming the slightest shadow of a sly smile. It’s just oh-so-prudishly British.

indecency = Something that is indecent.

indecent = Something that is not decent.

decent [ˈdiːsənt]adj

1. polite or respectable a decent family
2. proper and suitable; fitting a decent burial
3. conforming to conventions of sexual behaviour; not indecent
4. free of oaths, blasphemy, etc. decent language
5. good or adequate a decent wage
6. Informal kind; generous he was pretty decent to me

7. Informal sufficiently clothed to be seen by other people are you decent?

[from Latin decēns suitable, from decēre to be fitting]
In conclusion, I’m really not that much of a rebel, but I also really don’t care about not fitting in. Actually, I quite like it. And can you image how much of an insult it would be to be called “decent”? Gee, thanks.
Indecency it is.