Tattooing trials

It’s official: I’ve started learning how to tattoo! It’s with the guys from Tinta Tattoo here in Strasbourg, which opened just last November and is doing great thanks to stellar attitudes and friendliness (amongst other things).

Step one: Practice, practice and practice… on vinyl flooring! We heard from a fellow tattoo artist that the backside of it could be used as an alternative to real skin while learning and to our surprise and delight, we found out he was right! Much better than pig’s feet, which stink, and better for now than real live human skins, at least until I get confident about all these needles.

The machine was lighter than I thought it would be, and I felt confortable fast. These were done freehand with a 3 needle liner and black ink. The vinyl doesn’t take transfers, doesn’t wipe (but dabs a little) a little and smears when you run water onto it. We tried all three, so all that explains the messyness… but still! Have a look.

Mmm, slicey! Woodsy hairy coral girl.

A little pile of eyes or a little crowd of circles, anyone? I'd love to tattoo these.

I think I’m going to like this.


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