Works on Easter weekend

I haven’t had many Easters away from family, and I must say it feels kind of weird. So I’m filling the weekend with the next best things: Friends and Art (which also gets a capital letter)!

"Black Bulles", last night's painting.

This morning i woke up early after a night of artsing around and indulged in my urge to go to Easter mass at the cathedral. Yah, weird for me, I know, since despite a very catholic upbringing, I’m not religious at all as an adult. But when the Strasbourg cathedral tells you anything, you listen, so I went.

... it gets to me everytime, inside out out.

Of course it was gorgeous and the priest even spoke french (I suspected he might speak Latin because the cathedral is intense like that). After I wandered. Outside, there were plenty of artists doing portraits and caricatures. A crowd gathered around one who was particularly skilled and who put on a good show, marking the page with swift, confident gestures. I moved to the side of the monument toward the Palais Rohan. Things quieted down as I emerged from the crowd’s echoes previously contained by the cathedral’s towering facade and the half-timbered houses.

There I found (comfortably) cagged bunnies, chickens and roosters… So cute! I followed the masses further, and stepped into the Musée de l’Oeuvre Notre-Dame. There I found a gorgeous book of the Gallery of Prints and Drawings’ collection. I couldn’t resist, brought it home and I’ve been drawing from it all afternoon. There’s just such beautiful linework! Many would make gorgeous tattoos… just sayin’…

On the left my imitation drawings, on the right, the epic book's cover.

Well, that’s all folks! Happy Easter and a Joyeuses Pâques!


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