Tiny House Movement

Tiny homes popping up everywhere!!

In this era, people are revising where and how they live, wasting less space, food, energy and money and in the process living a better quality life. I’ve been watching so many of these videos… It just all makes so much sense to me.

This is perhaps the one I relate to the most… I adore this woman’s house! And she built it herself for under 3500$! I’ve always wanted to build myself my own house (and lately, an off-the-grid one), and now it seems more acheivable than ever.

Next, a woman who took the concept to live simply almost as an oath, and from the way she talks of it, as a spiritual journey. Enchanting.

Some tiny house main arteries are Tiny House Blog, Tiny House Talk, and Tiny House Design.

I could write miles on this, so jazzed!


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