In Praise of the Negative

The growing concepts that less is more and that growth isn’t always better are hitting cultures (and economies) across the globe. And in an era where we serve our personal information to the world on the silver platter of social media with (95% of the time) surprising honesty, we are changing nothing less than our definition of private life as we know it. Which is all fun and games as long as things are rosy, as the birds are chirpin’ and as children are a’ gigglin’. But how does that leave the flip-side of the authenticity penny? Because when you throw it, one side does hit the ground, as I’m sure you know. Here architect and business owner Kurt Lavenson writes in praise of the transparency even during such inevitable bouts of “negativity”, a courageous act indeed.

UTNE Reader: In Praise of Fallow Fields

Because the wonderful thing about the blues is that we all get it.


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