Arts in Strasbourg

Where to begin. I am now in Strasbourg since a bit more than a week, and the best word to describe it all is GLORIOUS! My friend Yoko just told me about a bunch of awesome art venues and good places to hang out. Check out her art!

click this for her website

I’m feeling like an ant at a feast. Four galleries she suggested:


Centre Européen d’Actions Artistique Contemporaines (CEAAC)


La Chaufferie, art gallery of l’Ecole des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg.

More stuff Yoko suggested I do includes to eat Tarte Flambée at Le Brasseur, have a drink at La Hache, and go see a show at le théâtre Le Maillon.

tarte flambée

La Hache

"Ragazzo de l'Europa" at Le Maillon



Alright so I’ve got all my paperwork, my luggage is weighed, and I’ve googled and youtubed Strasbourg enough to make a seperate blog with what I’ve found. Okay, not really, but the point is… I’m really excited because tomorrow, I FLY TO STRASBOURG!!

Speaking of transportation, here’s a cute video from the National Film Board of Canada on the changes of transportation in Canada. ‘Cuz the times, they are a’ changin’!

click for the ONF/NFB video

So I’m thinking… travel blog? Yes.