Des bulles

Today is a hot rainy day. A day during which if I hadn’t been working, I would have walked in the rain and gotten soaked in one of the …three? …four? flash thundershowers to cool off. *Sigh*

I found this image today browsing the net. Cool eh? This foam occurred naturally, and though you can’t tell, the picture of these surfers was taken on an actual beach! Walking through this stuff probably feels a little like breathing does today.


More bacon

There is an amazing variety of things that come up when you google “bacon”.

Gives a different meaning to "bringing home the bacon".

I’ve found bacon soap, a bacon lamp, a bacon-covered AK47 (gun), bacon lip balm, bacon mints, bacon tattoos, Francis Bacon, a beautiful felted bacon scarf, a bacon cake (looks like), bacon cupcakes (bacon is an ingredient), and more. Salivating yet? I am.   

I’d like to wrap my feet in these bacon canvas slivers, please.